Learn how to write a children’s book kids actually want to read. 👇

So you’ve decided to write a kid’s book . . .

Before you get too far, let us squash some common misconceptions you might have about the writing process.

“Thank you for all. your wonderful suggestions! I could have never even gotten close to writing a good children’s book without your help.”

Journey to Kidlit

Ann Johnson

Hi, I’m Brooke Van Sickle, and I want to help you write a FUN children’s book.

Let’s be honest, children’s books are deceptively difficult to write. After all, if you flip through a picture book, there are hardly any words on the page and you can probably read an entire chapter book in just a few hours. However, the time, skill, and craft that went into creating them is a lot more than it seems.

At Journey to Kidlit, we believe EVERY story deserves a place on a child’s bookshelf when you can write it well enough. Which is why all our products and services are designed to show you the steps it takes to write a good book — not just an okay story that a kid’s going to chuck on the floor in favor of something better. Starting with our children’s book template.

Journey to Kidlit has helped me, not only to write a good book, but know how I should publish and present it to the public. I have set up three readings with several Barnes and Nobles stores after the Internet release of my first children’s book. I’m stoked! Journey to Kidlit gave me the confidence I needed! Thank you.

Journey to Kidlit

Diane Pleasant

The Journey to Kidlit Commitment for Children's Book Writers

Committed to putting more quality children’s books on bookshelves.

Our goal is to get 10,000 new children’s books onto bookshelves in 10 years that are worthy of a child’s time.