10 Things All Writers Know to be True

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When you picture being a writer, you imagine seclusion in an old house, clacking away on the keyboard, while the ideas flow. But all writers know that image is just a fantasy. Here are ten things that are actually true about being a writer:

10 Things All Writers Know to Be Truth | Author Truths

10 Things All Writers Know to be True:

1. You sit A LOT!

Writers know that most of their time is spent sitting. Sitting at the computer. Sitting at the table or on the couch brainstorming. Overall, just sitting.

I’ve had to start doing more yoga and foam rolling, my hips are getting so tight! 🤣

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2. Reading books is part of the job.

Do you remember being a kid and someone telling you to stop reading so much, it isn’t a job? Well, HA! Random person. Writers gotta read.

All writers know reading is a mandatory requirement if you want to be successful. Read this article on why you need to be reading, if you don’t believe me.

3. Sometimes you just stare at the computer.

I swear ideas wander off and get lost whenever I sit down to write my book. No matter HOW many outlines I’ve made or how thoroughly I’ve laid out my plotline.

4. When an idea hits, you NEED paper now. Even a napkin will do.

If you see a madman snap their fingers and wave their hands to beckon you over, it’s probably a writer. We never know when inspiration is going to hit.

It’s why I’ve started carrying a notebook with me when I go places. (Although I did have to use a school’s paper towel the other day…) 🤫

5. You’d rather skip a social event to spend the night writing.

Most writers are introverted. It’s why writing is so appealing: you get to be alone, maybe with a cat and your computer, and just hang out with imaginary characters you made up.

Even though writers KNOW they need to socialize, it doesn’t make it any more appealing.

6. Some days you’d rather binge Netflix.

Halfway through this list, you were thinking this writer sounds pretty good. But let’s be real. There are days when we 0% want to write our book. Instead, a binge-worthy show like Scandal or You is calling our name.

If this happens to you, check out this trick on how you can USE Netflix as a tool for your writing. You can thank me later. 😉

7. What you write is amazing!

You just typed the last words of your story and you KNOW this is it. This is best-seller material right here.

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8. Then you read it and it’s NOT…

Until your inner editor comes out and you tear apart every word. (Or even tear apart the pages. Literally.)

Don’t fret. Writers know we have to write the sh*tty first draft before we can birth greatness. Keep going.

9. There are days when you have SO MANY ideas that you don’t know where to start.

I regularly have 3 book ideas I’m pondering over on a daily basis. I KNOW I can’t write them all and that I need to focus, but it’s hard. How do I know which is going to be more fun to write?

If you’re like me, keep a binder of all your ideas and only pick ONE to focus on. Then if you get stuck or start sending out, move on to the next idea.

10. But you still stare at a blank page despite all your ideas.

Writer’s block is real. Or at least procrastination and fear of failed perfection are.

Don’t let your inner editor stop your writing. Just write.

All writers know that writing is a hard business. (Anything that involves creativity is!) But we won’t stop, because we love it.

Don’t feel bad on the days you don’t feel like writing. Just come back to your story before too much time slips away. And if you need some encouragement to write, check out these other articles:

PS. Share this list with all your writer friends! They will appreciate it just as much as you. 😚

All Writers Know It’s True!

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