3 Major Takeaways from Writing Full Time for 1 Year

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I can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE year since I quit my job to write books full time! 🤣 There has definitely been a lot of learning this past year to make me a better writer. Watch the video for everything I learned from writing full time this year.

1. You have to be Writing!

Before I quit my job, I used to scramble to write something before a critique and only write when I felt like it. But after writing full time, I realized you CAN’T do that if you want to be a writer!!

You need to be writing. Preferably every day, but for sure every week, if that’s all the time your schedule allows for. (If you want more help finding time to write, sign up for the more productive writer course. I used it to write over a million words in a year!)

2. You need to Enjoy the Process.

We spend so much time as writers (Myself, especially) trying to get to the next step. Whether that’s finding an agent, getting published, waiting for our book to come out, whatever it is that prevents us from enjoying the process.

But that’s the BEST part of writing! If you’re stressing yourself out by racing against an invented timeline, you have my permission to chuck those expectations out the window and focus on what matters: Your Writing.

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3. You need to connect with others.

As writers, it can feel like we’re all alone with our stories. But after writing full time, I can attest that is FAR from the case! I don’t know where I’d be without my critique partners, writing group, and online community.

If you want to be a writer, you need to connect with others. Whether that’s online through Twitter or Facebook groups, at conferences, or within your local area. You’d be surprised at how many writers are near you.

I’m so blessed to be able to write full time and I’m so happy I can share that with you as readers! People need our stories, so keep going on your publishing journey. You don’t know who’s waiting to read your book. 🤗

And if you’re ready to take your writing seriously, sign up for the more productive writer course. It breaks down the steps I took to able to write over a million words this year – so you know it works. Get all the details here.

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