Author Confessionals: 3 Things Every New Writer Needs

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Are you a new writer who wants to know where to start? Check out the latest post on our Vlog that talks about the 3 things every new writer needs to be successful as an author. Watch the video posted below!

Do you have a book inside of you that you’ve been meaning to write? But maybe there hasn’t been time or you’re worried no one will like it. That’s the fear of most writers I know. But at the end of the day, we all have to just write the story we want to tell.

There are 3 Things Every Aspiring Author Needs in the Beginning:

1. A Mentor:

When I first decided to become a writer, I met a newly published author with Random House. She was the person who gave me a reality check on how long this process takes. (Even if I didn’t believe her. 🤫)

A mentor is SO valuable to your writing abilities. They can give you insight into the publishing industry. And they will be there to help you along your journey. Read this article to learn more about writing mentors here.

2. A Critique Group:

It never fails, no matter how many times I bring a manuscript to my critique group, they always find SOMETHING I need to fix. And that’s the greatest value of having another person’s eyes on your story.

Before you even consider submitting a story to an editor or agent, you need to have it critiqued. Learn more about finding a writer’s group here.

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3. A Vast Knowledge of Your Genre:

Every time I want to write something new, I go out and read a TON of new books. It’s impossible to write something without knowing what’s already out there.

That’s probably why the #1 advice authors give is for new writers to be reading. It’s the best way to know what’s selling and what readers look for in your genre. Check out this article on why you should be reading if you need more convincing.

I have a long way to go on this writing journey, but I can’t worry about who will publish my book or how. All I can do is write the book I want to write.

And the same goes for you. Get out there and start writing the book you have always dreamed of writing!

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