A New Perspective can make ALL the Difference!

After 20 hours of travel, I’m finally back in my own home. It feels FANTASTIC! Sometimes you need to leave a space in order to really appreciate it.

Before I left on this trip, I was hoping to uncover new inspiration. Anything to light a fire and get me excited about a new story, now that I’ve finished my other projects.

While walking across cobblestones, and listening to history lessons from people
hundreds of years older than me, something finally struck.

One must look at a different angle, in order to see it anew.

Have you ever stared at a puzzle for HOURS but still can’t find the answer?

Next time this happens, try flipping it upside down. I like to do this with Highlights Hidden Pictures. 🤣

Really though, approaching things differently, can be the answer to most of your problems. And the same can be said for experiencing a new angle of life. Something different that your typical routine.

Like sharing a 200 square foot apartment with your mate for over a week and still wanting to hang out all day, every day. (We survived, but have both agreed to take a me day and NOT hang out LoL).

Stop to enjoy and let things just be.

One of my biggest struggles of the trip, was NOT working. Not checking emails, posting to social media, writing anything, etc. Heck, most of the time, we were lucky to find Wifi to pull up Google Maps–so I wouldn’t have been able to work, if I’d tried!

When the phone and computer are out of the picture, you’re left with not a whole lot to distract you from reality. That’s when you need to stop and smell the roses, as they say.

Which we did!

Plenty of new cafes, breweries, art exhibits, and historical landmarks were explored. We watched people on the street and artists in the square. And we just sat without talking for a little while, choosing to absorb our surroundings.

Come back refreshed and ready to take action!

We both agreed that going on our trip was fun, but we were ready to come back. Back to our puppy, to a real bed, and our giant sectional where we don’t have to sit on top of each other or watch TV on my laptop.

I was excited to get back to the gym and to stop eating out every day. As well as, to start working on my new story idea! Because, YES, a new one has come to me.

I just needed to pull myself away from the funk of reality in order to appreciate the journey of moving forward.

However, you don’t have to go all the way to France to learn this. Even just a quiet weekend at a cabin or a staycation with bubbles can be enough to recharge and tackle a new project.


PS: If you want to see pictures from our trip, check out my Instagram page!

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