The Best Type of People to Self-Publish a Book

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Do you want to self-publish a book? Indie publishing has skyrocketed in popularity of the last few years and it’s no wonder why — it’s so EASY to do! But just because something’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s for everybody.

Watch this before you decide to self-publish your book. These are the 4 types of people that have the best chance at self-publishing.

The 4 Types of People Who Should Self-Publish their book

The 4 Types of People who SHOULD Self-Publish a Book:

1 – Someone who already has a platform.

One of the great parts about traditional publishing is you get to leverage the publisher’s reach. However, when you self-publish a book, you’re relying on your own network of people.

If you’re someone who’s been spending time building a platform of dedicated fans, then you should consider self-publishing. You already have people who love you and are willing to buy from you!

2 – Someone with a deadline.

Traditional publishing can take 2-3 YEARS before your book makes it onto bookshelves. And that’s if you already have an agent or editor who’s ready to champion your book.

If you have a great book idea for a specific event (Like the 19th Amendment anniversary next year) but you’re nowhere CLOSE to getting it published traditionally, then you should consider self-publishing.

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3 – Someone with awesome marketing skills.

Obviously, I believe that every author should have a decent set of marketing skills regardless of where they publish. However, it’s even more vital in the self-publishing realm because it’s all up to you.

If you don’t know how to market, then no one will know to read it. No matter how well-written your book is.

4 – Someone willing to put in all the work it takes to self-publish a book.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this. Choosing to self-publish a book takes a lot of upfront cost and work to create a high-quality book for your readers. Yes, theoretically you could find ways around the cost and get it published for less than $100.

However, the point of being a writer is to produce a book that’s worth your reader’s time. If you’re not willing to do that, then you shouldn’t self-publish your book. Otherwise, you could alienate your fans before you even get started.

I just launched my own Indie Publishing house which will publish its first book in 2020. If you found yourself falling into one of these 4 categories, and have decided to self-publish a book, then sign up to get my emails.

I’m going to be diving hard into self-publishing and book publishing overall as we move into the New Year. Plus, I’ll even give you my manuscript checklist for free. (Which will let you know if your book is even ready to be published.😉)

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  1. So I draw and I’ve been excited about making a short book for adults. With my own illustrations like how Michael Green did with “De Hostoria et Veritas Unicornis” do you think I can? I have the skill and Time, it would not be long. Almost like a table book.

    1. Hi April! For sure — what a fun idea. 🙂 If you have a market and an audience of readers, you can definitely make that book work. Have fun working on your story!

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