Big Things are Coming!

I was driving to the first day of my part-time job, when alarms started going off in my car. It started with a yellow warning light and quickly escalated to immediate red warning lights ordering me to stop the car.

Uhhhhhh. Not ideal timing when I’m on the interstate during 8AM traffic.

Instead of finding myself in a classroom, as expected, I was sitting in a car without heat in 32-degree weather, waiting for a tow-truck. 

Sometimes the worst can happen.

I know a little bit about cars. Enough to know that when an emergency coolant light goes off requiring immediate attention, it means that this could potentially cost me $2000 to fix.

Secret time: It’s my FIRST day back to a pay-check earning part-time job in three months.

Naturally, I was hoping and praying for the lesser of the values. Maybe somewhere in the $200 range.

However, when the call came, the technician had nothing good to say. Here’s what I learned:

  1. My car was undrivable. And it was going to cost me $3500 if I wanted it back. I live in a metro where driving is pretty much required. So yes, I was going to need that back.
  2. After calling around to over five places, I learned that not only is this a super expensive and actual event, it’s ALSO impossible to have any technician other than the dealer complete the repairs. Meaning I HAD to come up with the money or I had to buy a new car.
  3. If I coughed up the money for the repairs, I would completely drain my savings and be left with ramen and overdraft fees within a month. Oh, and did I mention we’re leaving the country in a couple of days too?

Quite the pickle. Sooooo what’s a girl to do?

When it does, you must react with gratitude.

If you have knots in your stomach, then let me tell you that you’re not alone. But after listening to months worth of motivational videos and success tip podcasts, I was prepared.

Whenever the universe starts hurling bad things at you, it’s because you’re moving out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t like it. IE: quitting a stable job in an attempt to make it going for your dreams.

So the universe uses its only line of defense by trying to pull you back to your normal habits. IE: rush back to that job or ANY job to cover your expenses and quit being crazy.

Here’s what I said to that: NO! This is GREAT NEWS!!! Why? Because this means I’m close.

“Whatever the enemy has stolen will be replaced.” God (The man in charge)

Instead of running back to old habits, I practiced gratitude. I said THANK YOU for getting my car off the interstate, for getting me to work still that day, for keeping me warm and safe.

Then I said THANK YOU for all the things that I knew were to come, but weren’t here quite yet. Like thank you for the money for the repairs, thank you for fixing my car, thank you for returning it before my trip, thank you for listening, thank you for taking care of things so I don’t have to worry.

Because good things are COMING!

And do you know what happened?

I don’t have to come up with $3500 and drain my account. Instead, the bank could adjust my note, which increased my payment $5 each month. And my car will be done tomorrow before we leave.

And all I have to do in the meantime is keep pushing! I have to keep writing and submitting.

So while I have been waiting, I sent two new picture books out to publishers and outlined a new middle-grade idea. Because that’s the goal.

I’m committed to publishing books no matter what. There are no other options. And it’s going to be a reality really soon. Can’t wait until I get to share it with you 😄

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