Make sure your story is the best possible version to capture readers' hearts and be a book kids ask to read again and again.

One-on-One Critique Session with Brooke Van Sickle


Have your story reviewed to make sure it's the best possible version to capture reader's hearts and get published.

"Brooke always provides thoughtful, purposeful feedback. She has a solid knowledge of the publishing industry as well as the craft of writing. I appreciate her fresh perspective on manuscripts and ability to help move them forward. I highly recommend using her experience and ideas to improve your manuscript!"

- Jill F. -

Find Confidence Knowing You've Written a Book Worth Publishing.

Imagine how you will feel as a published children's book author who gets to...

  • Hold a real-life, hardcopy of your book
  • See your book on a bookshelf next to all your favorites
  • Go to a book-signing at Barnes & Noble
  • Sign books for an excited line of waiting children
  • Visit schools with rooms full of eager students
  • Live the life of a children's book author every freaking day!

"Brooke gave me a great critique! She helped me change and mold my picture book into a book that will be more marketable. It is also more intriguing to Publishers, parents and teachers as well!"

- Sheryl S. -

Never Wonder Again.

Get a review for either your complete picture book manuscript or 1st 10-pages of your novel. Then schedule a zoom to discuss the key places you need to improve.

In just 30 minutes, you'll know how...

  • Your plot is working
  • Your character speaks to children
  • Your voice connects to young readers
  • To fix your story so you can finally get it published!
Zoom Critique with Brooke Van Sickle

"Brooke's critiques always benefit my writing and my writing process. She has a way of seeing my work through the eyes of the reader, as well as the eyes of an editor."

- Erica D. -

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Hi, I'm Brooke Van Sickle!

It was only by getting my writing critiqued that I learned how to write children's books!

When I first set out to publish a children's book, I sent it off with only my mom's opinion that it was a good story. I waited over 6mths to get a letter in the mail asking to publish my book, but it never came. That's when I connected with other successful writers and learned the benefit of a professional critique.

Now all my stories get reviewed many times before I try to publish them. By doing this, I not only learned how to improve my writing skills, but I also learned what makes a valuable critique for the writer receiving in. (Hint: it's not by telling them everything that's bad then saying "Bye, Felicia! Good luck.")

That's why with all my critiques, I first look for the positive aspects of the story then consider where to make changes. This not only allows for constructive criticism that you can do something with, but it doesn't make you feel like a terrible writer. Because you're not!

"Brooke has helped me to focus on aspects of my first pages that didn’t make sense and were confusing to the reader. She has helped and encouraged me to get my writing out there and to keep moving forward whatever the obstacles! "

- Karen J. -

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we cover in the critique session?

Before we sit down together, I'll review your story for as a whole based on concept, marketability, and completeness. Then we'll discuss my notes and what you can do to make sure it's ready to publish.  

How do I know whether a critique is for me?

If you have a book that's finished or something you've been starting to pitch to agents/editors, it's time for a critique. By doing this, you'll know if your story's actually ready to submit or if you need to make changes before marking it as complete.  

What all does this cover?

A critique will be of either a full picture book manuscript or the first 10-pgs of a novel. During our session, we'll look at:

  • The positives aspects of your story as a whole
  • How well developed your character is and what you can do to make them stronger
  • Your plot outline as a whole to see if you're missing any components and if you have enough of a hook to wow an agent, editor, or reader.
  • The most important things you need to do right away to edit your book to get it ready to publish
  • Plus, how marketable your idea is and possible comps to look at for comparison purposes.

Will this be confidential?

Yes! Like with all critiques, your story will not be shared or sent to anyone else. It will just be for us to discuss ways you can improve on your idea to make it the best possible version before you decide to publish it.  

How soon can I schedule a time with you?

I'm taking appointments right now! I only ask that you schedule your time slot a week out from the time you send your story, in order to give me time to review your manuscript and make detailed notes before we meet.  

What if my book isn't ready but I'm stuck?

This is the best time for a critique! You don't have to worry about having a perfectly polished story. (In fact, most of the time you probably won't!) The goal of a critique is to take the vision you have for a story and make it actually happen with your writing.

And don't worry -- I will ALWAYS find positive things to say about your book even if it's not finished or ready to send to an agent or editor.  

What's the investment?

The biggest investment is going to your time. Not only will you spend a half-hour with me, but I'll give you things to do that will only work if you actually do them. Meaning you have to be ready to return to your story and make the necessary edits to finish your book! (Don't worry -- every book has positive aspects about it. We'll just focus on how to make it even better!)

Along with your time, you'll have a one-time payment of only $97 which will cover both the time to review your story and the live one-on-one call you'll have with me via Zoom.   


Let's turn your story from completed manuscript to best-selling version in an afternoon. You won't just be a writer who writes children's books. You'll be a writer who writes AWESOME children's books that people can't help but talk about!

Get your story reviewed for just $97. Simply click the button below to schedule a time.


"I have had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of Brooke’s critiques over the past few years. She is thorough, thoughtful, and most of all, helpful. Her honest critiques encourage me to be a better writer."

- Lorna S. -