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  • Know what goes into a children's story
  • Overcome any doubt or insecurities you have about your writing
  • Have the confidence to write your first children's book!

The children's book template will show you how! Simply click the button to get your digital copy now.

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"I have been dreaming of writing and illustrating a children’s book for almost 10 years... And gave up writing about 5 years ago...( I know it is terrible to let go of a dream) but since the interaction with your template this wonderful expectancy and excitement has returned! I hope that meeting you will be the beginning of my journey to writing my first children’s book."

-Jeanelde Mouton, Picture Book Author

Hey I'm Brooke Van Sickle!

And I want to help you get your children's book into the hands of kids and families.

I'm an award-winning picture book author and founder of Journey to Kidlit. However, I used to struggle to write children's books when I first started. (It was like I couldn't ever get it right!)

Until I learned the formula it takes to write a children's book -- and write it well. Now, I'm sharing it with you through the children's book template. Simply click the button below to get your own digital copy!

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