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4 Easy Steps to Write More with Less Time

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Life can get crazy! We spend most of our weeks running around just trying to stay caught up with the laundry and putting food on the table, that our writing time gets shoved to the back burner. If only there was a way to write more with less time. Then we might get some writing done.

Good news! There is. 😄 Here are the four steps I use to find more time and it’s AMAZING how much writing time I’m able to squeeze in.

4 Easy Steps to Learn How to Write More with Less Time

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4 Easy Steps to Learn How to Write More with Less Time:

1. Set Writing Goals

Most of the time, we think of goal setting as a New Year’s thing and no other point in the year. However, that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing!

Each month, you should create an overall goal for your writing. Like finish the first 4 chapters of your novel. Then break out those months into weeks, and days, and create goals for them too.

2. Use 15 Minutes to Your Advantage

I attended a breakout session at a conference this month, and an Author talked about a book that saved her productivity life: 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman.

There’s a whole bunch of things in there about finding your focus and making good use of your time. However, my biggest takeaway is to use your fifteen minutes wisely!

Think about what you’re going to do that will move your writing forward when you’re sitting in the school pick-up lane, waiting for your morning coffee order, or even cooking dinner and watching the water boil.

Use these bits of time to your benefit! And brainstorm short actions you can do during your planning step. 😉

PS. If you think you’d benefit from a book like 18 Minutes, check it out here.

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3. Commit to Writing without Distractions

There are times when I just want to plop down on the sofa, turn on a show I’ve been watching on Netflix, and try to write a blog post.

And guess what? I get almost NOTHING done during that time. Because I’m normally sucked into the TV and lounging too much to want to work.

So, find a nice quiet spot in your house where you can work (Or even outside of your house, if nowhere’s safe!) This step is super crucial since we’re working with limited time.

4. Turn Off Contact with the Outside World

It’s not enough to find a place to write, you also have to silence the rest of the world. Meaning:

  • Don’t bring your phone
  • Keep browser windows and excess tabs closed
  • Turn off any notifications on your computer

Some people say to write without the Internet, but I don’t like to do that. A lot of the time when I’m writing books, I need to look up some facts or a new word in the thesaurus.

However, if you are too tempted to go on Facebook and get lost in the rabbit hole of the Internet, then yes, turn it off! We don’t want anyone or anything getting in the way of our set writing time.

Awesome news! Now, you can use these four steps to write more with less time starting this week. Just remember to plan out what you want to write, take advantage of the small gaps of time, remove distractions, and silence the world.

I can’t wait to read your writing! And if you want more help with being a productive writer, check out these other posts on the blog:

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