Episode 10 – Publish Your Children’s Book on KDP with Author Brigitte Brulz

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Publishing a children’s book has never been any easier with Amazon’s KDP, but can you be successful with it? That’s what author, Brigitte Brulz, and I discussed on this week’s episode of the Journey to KidLit podcast.

Listen as Brigitte shares her experience, including publishing a book for the first time with her daughter, and how she’s been able to market her books without spending any money! Catch the episode below. 👇

Publishing a Children’s Book on Amazon’s KDP with Brigitte Brulz

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My guest today has just published her third book with Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). But can you be successful as a children’s book author who self-publishes on the platform? In Brigitte Brulz’s case, YES you can!

Listen to today’s episode as Brigitte shares what she’s learned over the years publishing with Amazon, how she’s managed to market her books virtually for free, and what it’s like to share her publishing journey with her own daughter.

KDP Author Brigitte Brulz

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