Episode 11 – Finding a Story in Children’s Books with a Message

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You might’ve decided to write a children’s book because you wanted to teach a lesson or share a message. But that’s not the purpose of a kid’s book. Instead, as writers, you need to work at finding a story within your message.

On today’s podcast, we’ll look at how to do that. Give it a listen below!

How to Write a Children’s Book with a Message by Finding Your Story:

I’m guilty of it. When I first decided to write books for kids, it was because I had a lesson I wanted to teach children. But when I started submitting that book, it didn’t sell. In fact, NONE of my message-driven children’s books did. I’m explaining why in today’s episode of the Journey to KidLit podcast.

Listen to this week’s edition of the Journey to KidLit podcast about how you SHOULD write a children’s book while still conveying a message. Your goal as a writer should always be to find a story and teaching a lesson should be second.

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