Episode 15 – The Reason You need an Editor for Your Book

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Think you can get away without using an editor for your book? My guest today explains why that might not be so. Listen to this sneak peek from my interview with author, Ceeley Mack, as he explains why you need to use an editor before you publish your book!

Why Editors are an Important Part in Improving Your Story:

Ceeley Mack is the middle grade author of Wolf Moon: The House on Bloom Street and an upcoming speaker in the Kidlit Indie Publishing Summit. He sat down to explain to me all the reasons why an editor is needed to improve your story. Plus, he shared with me his own experience with using an editor.

If you’re worried about showing someone your story, or having someone critique your work, this will help you out! In the interview, I even asked Ceeley what he’d suggest you do to deal with difficult feedback. Listen to the episode above.

And if you’d like to catch the full interview with Ceely Mack, plus all his editing tips, sign-up to attend the Kidlit Indie Publishing Summit. It’s a week-long event with different authors sharing their insights and it’s 100% FREE! Get your ticket here.

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