Episode 16 – The Inspiration You Need to Write Your Book

Has there been a story idea you keep thinking about? It’s probably a sign you need to write about it. In today’s episode, I’m sharing a clip from an interview with author Delanda Coleman for inspiration to help you start writing.

Listen in!

Author Inspiration to help You Start Writing Your Book Idea:

Have you ever wandered through the bookstore hoping to find a certain topic, only to come home empty handed? That’s what happened to my guest, Delanda Coleman. Her daughter had just started falling in love with princesses and Delanda was hoping to find any that weren’t quiet and dainty.

However, when she searched, there were none to be had! Not wanting her daughter to be convinced this is the only way to be a princess, she decided to start writing. Listen to the full clip on what happened in the episode above!

Great inspiration to get you excited about your own story idea. 😃 And if you’d like to hear all of Delanda’s journey, including why she chose to self-publish rather than pursue a publisher, listen to her talk in the Kidlit Indie Publishing Summit.

The summit starts Monday, August 17th! You can sign up for free here: kidlitindiepubsummit.com.

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