Episode 20 – Family Traditions & Picture Books with Megan Pighetti

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Megan Pighetti’s debut picture book, Fairy-Tailed Wish, started as a family birthday tradition that Megan decided to bring to families everywhere. In today’s podcast episode, we talked about her vision for the book, as well as, what it took to publish this imaginative story.

Listen below to learn more about how you can self-publish your own picture book and make it your own family tradition.

Full Interview with Debut Picture Book Author Megan Pighetti

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What happens when someone makes a Fairy-Tailed wish on the eve of their birthday? This is a family tradition that’s been happening for a long time in the Pighetti house that Megan wanted to share with other children.

Learn more about her story and how she was able to publish her first picture book in today’s interview! (A great inspiration for anyone hoping write a book together as a family!) Listen at the link above.

To learn more about Megan, visit her website and order your own copy of Fairy-Tailed Wish here.

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