Episode 21 – A New Way to Market Your Children’s Book as an Indie Author

Do you find it’s a struggle to market your children’s book? You’re not alone! A lot of authors struggle with this, which is why my guest today has decided to help.

Lara is the founder of StoryAntics. A new website that helps indie authors share their books with more potential readers. Listen to today’s episode for more on how it works below. 👇

Interview with Lara, the Founder of StoryAntics, on how to Market a Children’s Book:

StoryAntics started as a site for Lara to share her personalized children’s books with potential readers. But after the pandemic that has plagued all our lives in 2020, Lara decided the site had a new purpose.

Today, the site offers a hub for self-published authors to give their books a chance at being seen outside the thousands of books on Amazon. Listen to this episode for more on how it works, plus some other marketing tips from Lara.

And to learn more about Lara and her site, StoryAntics, visit storyantics.com!

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