Episode 22 – Becoming a Children’s Illustrator with Holly Hatam

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Are you hoping to one day illustrate a children’s book? Or wondering what it takes to create illustrations in books? My guest today will be sure to answer your questions.

Holly Hatam has been illustrating for kids since 2013 and is the NY Times best-selling illustrator of books like Dear Girl. It was so great to chat about her process and tips on illustrating for kids. Listen to the full episode here.

Interview with NY Times Best-Selling Illustrator – Holly Hatam

We don’t always start out in the children’s book field, which was true for my guest today. Holly Hatam started as a graphic designer, but soon discovered her love for illustration after becoming a mother.

Now, her books have made it to bestseller level and she’s had the opportunity to work with some awesome authors! I asked her more about her process and how she finds new books to illustrate. Listed to the complete interview above!

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About Children’s Illustrator, Holly Hatam:

Holly Hatam is the illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Dear Girl, and Dear Boy, which she had the pleasure of creating with Amy, Paris, and Jason Rosenthal. Some of her other books include Made by Maxine, written by Ruth Spiro, and Jack (Not Jackie), written by Erica Silverman. Holly lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with her wacky husband and even wackier son. Visit her site or connect with her on Instagram @hollyhatamillustration.

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