Episode 8 – How to Write a Good Query Letter

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Are you ready to start sending your book to agents & editors? If you are that means you’re going to need to write a good query letter. But what does that look like?

In this week’s episode of the Journey to KidLit podcast, I talked with literary agent, Adria Goetz of Martin Literary, about what makes a good query letter and her suggestions on how to best pitch an agent. Listen in!

My Tips on How to Write a Good Query Letter:


I’ve been writing and sending query letters for years now. Some of them that were pretty fantastic and others that were not so great. But how do you know what makes a good query letter and what doesn’t?

In this week’s episode, I talk about the basics of writing query letters and how to best pitch an agent your story. Plus, I also asked literary agent, Adria Goetz with Martin Literary her top tips for querying agents. If you’re ready to publish your children’s book, listen to today’s episode!

Plus, to get the links to all the sources we talked about today and where to learn more about Adria, download the query letter template here.

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Get the children's book template here

Use these tips to write your own query letter this week!

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