Finish your children's story this year without having to learn everything yourself.

Get 1:1 writing assistance from a team of editors, plus the complete publishing process to easily produce a quality book that kids will LOVE in less than 12 months.


All approved applicants will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for them.

Now accepting a limited number of children's book writers, this exclusive opportunity to work 1:1 with our editing team closes in:


Clara Doctolero - Kidlit Fast Track Testimonial

"Going through the Kidlit Fast Track was the best confidence booster! I was anxious at first, but after the first round of feedback, I knew I could do this. Thank you so much for helping me polish my book and get it ready for a publisher."

 –Clara Doctolero


You know your idea should be a children's book, but you can't seem to get it finished because of lack of time, ability, or confidence that it's truly ready.

 with Brooke Van Sickle

Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than having a story idea, only to feel like you don't have the time to actually get it published. And there's nothing more disheartening than doubting your abilities as a writer--only to have your confidence rocked with a bad review, critique, or rejection letter.

You know that you should be a published author, sharing this book with kids across the world. Maybe you've even tried sending it out to a few publishers, agents, or even researched how to publish it yourself.

And yet, it's not quite working.

  • You aren't sure if your story is something a child will enjoy or if it will connect with young readers.
  • You don't have the time to work on your story or get it finished.
  • You feel stuck trying to write it and just want someone to tell you how to fix it.

You feel like you must be missing something.

And you're not alone. Most children's book writers are right here with you.

The truth is that having a published children's book is a game changer, one that will help you share your message with the next generation, aspire future readers, and even get your family and friends excited to support you.

The problem?

  • There's so much information out there, that it's easy to get overwhelmed.
  • Getting the necessary writing skills needed to intrigue a publisher can take years to accomplish.
  • And learning how to complete everything yourself can often make getting your book published feel like more trouble than it's worth.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

Hey, I'm Brooke Van Sickle!

And I want to make publishing your children's book, not only easy, but possible.

Brooke Van Sickle founder Journey to Kidlit

When I first started writing for kids in 2015, I spent countless hours pouring my heart and soul into my children's book. But I would often find myself wondering if my manuscript would ever see the light of day. The impatience to be published was eating away at me, but I knew rushing it would only result in poor quality.

It was that impatience that led me to develop formulas and connections to make the writing process not only easier, but fast. And that's when I realized that there were many talented writers like me that I could help, too. Those with incredible stories to tell but who lacked the necessary guidance and support to bring their visions to life.

I created the Kidlit Fast Track to bridge this gap between waiting to be published and not knowing how to make it happen, in order to help authors just like you easily navigate the world of children's book publishing.

As Seen In:

Brooke Van Sickle | Featured In

Just imagine holding your newly published book...

Kidlit Publishing Toolkit

As you flip the pages, you can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride. This is the book you've poured your heart and soul into, and now it's ready to be shared with your loved ones.

When you join the Kidlit Fast Track, You'll:

  • No longer feel stuck or overwhelmed about the writing process. Instead, your creativity will flow freely, unburdened by doubt or uncertainty.
  • Picture the joy on your child's face as they listen to your enchanting tale, their imagination ignited by your words.
  • See your book become a cherished keepsake for your family, a testament to your creativity and dedication.  
  • Confidently showcase your book to others, knowing deep down that it's exactly as you hoped.
  • Know you've honed your skills, and your stories now effortlessly captivate young minds, leaving a lasting impact on every reader.

The application takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure to fill out all fields so you don't miss your chance to join.

Once approved, you will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for you.

Pattie Manente - Kidlit Fast Track Testimonial

"I can't believe it's done! I'm thrilled with the final draft!!! I love how this story has evolved with your professional guidance and kind support. Thank you all so very much!"

 –Pattie Manente

Kidlit Fast Track | Complete a Children's Book in 6 weeks


The quickest way to produce a quality children's book that's ready to be published!

Picture Book Perfection

Get ready to unleash your storytelling talent and finish that children's book you've always dreamed of.

Are you focused, coachable, and ready to invest in your skills to bring your children's book to life? Look no further than Kidlit Fast Track.

Our team of expert editors is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you finish your story with confidence and pride. With our personalized assistance, you'll be ready to embark on the exciting journey of publishing.

The Fast Track is right for you if you're:

  • An aspiring children's book author
  • Looking for personalized 1:1 assistance with their writing
  • Committed to investing in your skills and craft
  • Seeking guidance and support in the children's book publishing process
  • Serious about fast-tracking your progress

The mission of the Fast Track is to help you:

  • Develop a polished manuscript: Kidlit Fast Track helps you refine your writing skills, ensuring your manuscript is of the highest quality.
  • Enhance your storytelling abilities: Kidlit Fast Track assists you in developing compelling characters, engaging plotlines, and captivating narratives that resonate with young readers.
  • Understand the children's book market: We provide valuable insights into the children's book industry, helping you craft a marketable story that appeals to your target audience.
  • Gain confidence as a writer: Through our 1:1 assistance and ongoing support, the Kidlit Fast Track empowers you to trust your writing voice, hone your craft, and believe in your abilities.
  • Accelerate your path to publication: Our personalized coaching and editing services help you navigate the publishing world, so you can finally see your book published!

Does this sound right for you?

The application takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure to fill out all fields so you don't miss your chance to join.

Once approved, you will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for you.

Dawn Millias - Kidlit Fast Track Testimonial

"I felt very green coming in, so I felt kind of intimidated. But your team was great! I was so glad the team said ask whatever you need. You made it all feel very easy. I'm very happy with how it turned out and can't wait to start putting it out there."

 –Dawn Millias

Finish the children's book of your dreams!

Learn how to go from idea to published book with a team of experts to help guide you.

Don't waste years spinning your wheels, feeling like your publishing dreams aren't possible. Instead, get personalized help from a team of experts and get your book published. Inside the Fast Track, you'll learn how to go from idea to finished book in 3 easy steps:



Kidlit Fast Track | Finish Your Children's Book

Go from rough draft, to polished story! Work 1:1 with our editing team through a comprehensive edit that saves you time, frustration, and self-doubt over whether your story's truly finished.



Kidlit Fast Track | Finish Your Children's Book

Prepare your story to become a published book! Use the self-guided course materials to help you confidently maneuver the publishing process, including finding an illustrator and creating your print files.



Kidlit Fast Track | Finish Your Children's Book

Get ready to celebrate your book's publication date! After all your hard work, it's time to send your book to print and learn how to successfully sell and market your book using our easy-to-follow self-guided materials.

Katie Purcell - Author Kidlit Indie Publishing Summit

"This has been such a FUN and exciting experience, full of positivity all around! I loved the honest, open feedback I received and the collaborative atmosphere that helped me make this the best book it can be. Brooke was so approachable and knowledgeable, it made the experience so much better!"

 –Katie Purcell

Hear how it helped authors just like you...

Find confidence in your abilities to finally get your book published!

Here's how the Kidlit Fast Track has already helped authors just like you.

Dawn Millias

"I would absolutely recommend the Fast Track! They gave great feedback and made everything very easy."

Clara Doctolero

"I'm more confident in my book. I'm glad I did it because it's the best confidence booster."

Carin Johnivan

"I could not have done this without Brooke and her team. The investment was truly worth it to me."

Keela Lupton

"I loved the flexibility and direct access to the team! Because of this structure, I'm ready to be published."

The application takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure to fill out all fields so you don't miss your chance to join.

Once approved, you will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for you.

Editing Services - Journey to Kidlit Testimonial

"I love how I have been able to bring my story to life and how my input and rewrites - under Brooke's tutelage - have made my story better. Of course, Brooke and the team are stellar editors and creatives so I really feel good about the book that we created together!"

 –Shel Curry

Kidlit Fast Track | Complete a Children's Book in 6 weeks

Get all the tools to go from idea to published children's book this year!

When you join the Kidlit Fast Track, you will have instant access to all the tools you need to successfully publish a children's book. Our proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to easily turn your story into a finished book, so you'll never wonder what your next step should be.

Here's all that is included...

Kidlit Fast Track - What's Included

1-1 Personalized Comprehensive Story Edit

You'll receive personalized guidance from our editing team to finish your children's story. Working 1:1 through 4-5 different story drafts, our team will take you from initial draft to finished story.

Your story edits include:

  • Developmental Edit - A full story analysis of big-picture items. Including your story voice, character development, plot arc, marketability, etc. The developmental edit will be delivered as an editorial letter with story notes to help you rework your next draft.
  • Detailed Line Edits - A line-by-line analysis of how to tighten your sentences, stick to your genre-specific word count, and ensure that everything is moving the story forward at a proper pace. The line edit will review your story voice and make sure it's suitable for the intended reader.
  • Full Story Proof - A final editorial review for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Once this is complete and approved, you'll confidently be able to move forward with the publishing process. 🎉

Children's Book Illustration Bonus

Illustrating Your Children's Book

With a finished draft, you may want to find and hire an illustrator. Use the bonus self-guided course to help you know where to look, hire the best illustrator for your story and budget, and work together to create the book you're envisioning.

The self-guided content includes:

  • What to prepare before you work with an illustrator
  • How to find and hire an illustrator for your story
  • How to work with an illustrator and see your book come to life through illustrations

Kidlit Publisher - Content Included

Kidlit Publisher for Self-Publishing

The ultimate course for anyone wanting to self-publish a children's book! This self-guide content unveils exclusive content from how a professional children's book publisher creates a book, so you can create a book that's competitive for today's market.

The self-guided content includes:

  • How to choose the right print and distribution source for your book
  • How to secure an ISBN and prepare your files for print
  • What items to complete before you hit publish and prepare for launch

Kidlit Launch School - How to market a children's book

Kidlit Launch School

Learn how to easily market a children's book in 2023! This self-guided course includes how to create an author website, set up and use social media to promote your book, book school visits, plan for launch day, and research keywords for your book description that will get your book found online.

The self-guided content includes:

  • How to successfully make a marketing plan for your children's book
  • The essential information you need to create an author website and begin to build a social media following
  • Plus, additional marketing information on reviews, school visits, and preparing for launch day

Kidlit Fast Track - Live Q&A Calls

BONUS: Live Q&A Calls on Zoom

Join us for a live Q&A twice a month on Zoom! These calls are designed to help answer all your specific story questions as you're working through the Kidlit Fast Track. All calls are recorded and added to your course portal if you can't attend live.

Kidlit Fast Track - Lifetime Course Access

Lifetime Access to All Course Content

While your time in the Kidlit Fast Track is limited, you have lifetime access to all current and future content inside your course portal. This means you can come back to it as many times as you need and for as many books as you choose to publish!

Kidlit Fast Track - Email Support

Unlimited Email Support

We are here to see you be successful. This means you have full access to our team for help and assistance while you're working through the Kidlit Fast Track. If you have questions, you can email our team anytime for support.

Kidlit Fast Track - Publishing Guarantee

Our Publishing Guarantee

We are committed to your success and satisfaction in our program. If you diligently complete all the required course content, along with all homework assignments, and actively participate in all live Q&A sessions, yet still can't get your book published, you could be eligible for an exclusive publishing offer with our publishing house. All you have to do is reach out to our team for details.

The application takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure to fill out all fields so you don't miss your chance to join.

Once approved, you will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for you.

Elizabethann Moore - Kidlit Fast Track Testimonial

"Seeing my story evolve has been my favorite part about working with Brooke. I had no experience before I came to her but her involvement with my story has been so incredible! I could not have done it without her. Thank you so much for helping me!"

 –Elizabethann Moore

Kidlit Fast Track | Complete a Children's Book in 6 weeks

Answers to Your Questions:

When does the Fast Track start?

As soon as you're accepted! Once approved, you'll send us either a Word Doc or PDF of your first draft for our editing team to get started with right away.

Are there any prerequisites to get started?

You must have an initial rough draft to begin working with our editing team. Not quite finished with your draft? That's okay! We'll have you take our 5-day Kidlit Story Jumpstart to help you quickly finish a rough draft as soon as you join.

Do I need to copyright my story before I join?

No. The U.S. Copyright Office recognizes the copyright protection of an original piece of work the moment it's written. (Read about it here.) However, if you choose to copyright your story, we would recommend waiting until your story is polished. We recommend this because your story will undergo a series of changes through the edits we provide, which may alter the final form of the story compared to the initial draft that would be registered with the copyright office, so you'd have to apply to have it copyrighted again.

Will I receive a comprehensive edit?

Yes. All stories undergo a full, comprehensive edit with our editing team. This includes:

  • 4-5 different rounds of story drafts with you and your editor
  • A developmental edit of your characters, plot, and overall story idea
  • Detailed line edits for story voice, sentence structure, and consistency
  • Copyedits and pagination for spelling, grammar, and illustrations
  • A final draft that's as polished as it can be before you move forward with the publication.

Will I be able to ask questions inside the Fast Track?

Yes! As a Fast Track Author, you'll have unlimited email support to ask questions to our team, as well as, live Q&A calls on Zoom twice a month while you're inside the program.

What kind of support will I receive inside the Fast Track?

As much as you need! We want to get your book published in the easiest and quickest way possible. No matter what your goals, you'll receive all the necessary tools to make finishing your book possible.

Is there anything to join live?

Yes. We host live Q&A Zoom calls twice a month for you to join and ask questions to our team. This can be questions about any part of the process, and about your story specifically. All calls will be recorded if you can't make it live!

What if I can't make the live Q&A calls?

Every call will be recorded and added to the course portal for you to watch later. You'll also be able to ask questions ahead of time for our team to answer on the call if you can't attend live.

What if I need more time? Can I extend the program?

The Kidlit Fast Track is an annual program to help you go from first draft to finished book. If you need more time, or want to continue the live Q&A portion, you can extend the accountability on a month-to-month basis after the Fast Track concludes.

What if I can't complete the edits? Can I have more time?

The editing process is designed to take 6-8 weeks with you and your editor. The author is given one week to complete the edits before sending us a new draft. However, if you need more time, just let our team know. We can extend the edits up to 6 months to allow you more time if needed.

What if I need help finding an illustrator?

We will help you. Inside the Kidlit Fast Track, you'll receive information on:

  • What to complete before working with an illustrator
  • How to find and hire your illustrator
  • And how to provide feedback and review the illustrations

We can also find an illustrator for you. Just let our team know that you'd like us to find an illustrator for you on your application, and we'll be sure to include it.

Will I be able to get my book published?

The Kidlit Fast Track is designed to show you the exact methods a professional publishing house uses to get a book printed. If you follow all the self-guided materials and timeline as laid out inside the Kidlit Fast Track, you'll be able to see your book published within the year.

Is this a guarantee of a publishing contract?

While we are not a publisher, we guarantee that if you follow the steps provided inside the Fast Track, complete the homework, and attend the live Q&A sessions, you will see your book published. However, if you'd also like to work with a publishing house while you work through the Fast Track, we can have contract with a hybrid publisher while enrolled in the Fast Track. Just indicate that you'd like print and distribution assistance on your application.

Is this only for self-published books?

While the Kidlit Fast Track is for all children's book authors seeking publication, we recommend following our self-publishing path to see your book published in the quickest and easiest way possible. Once inside the program, you'll receive the exact steps to move forward with a polished story for today's market and have it published in less than 1 year.

Will you publish my book for me?

While the Kidlit Fast Track is not a publishing house, we can connect you to a hybrid publisher for your book while you complete the content at the same time. Together, you'll be able to work with their requirements to have your book printed.

What about marketing? Will you help me market my book?

Yes. Inside the Kidlit Fast Track, you'll also receive marketing support. This includes:

  • Lifetime access to Kidlit Launch School, our introductory course on how to market a children's book
  • Author Websites: How to create your own and what to use it for
  • Social Media for Authors: What to use and how to use it to connect with readers
  • Keyword and Book Description: How to make it easier for readers to find your book online
  • Social Shout Out on our channels: We'll also share you and your book on all our platforms when you're published!

How much does the Kidlit Fast Track cost to join?

The Kidlit Fast Track is a program that offers:

  • Complete 1-1 help writing your children's book, ensuring it's finished within 6-8 weeks
  • A breakdown of the publishing process, including what to work on and when
  • Self-guided course materials to help you complete each step of the publishing process so you can easily publish your children's book in less than 1 year
  • Bi-monthly live Q&A calls with our team on Zoom
  • Unlimited email support

To participate in the Kidlit Fast Track, there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Story Track: 8 Week Commitment - Finish your story with our editing team (Starts at $2,997)
  • Self-Pub Track: 6 month Commitment - Finish and publish your book inside the Fast Track (Starts at $6997)
  • All-In Track: 1-year Commitment - Finish your story, publish it, and make your marketing plans inside the Fast Tract (Starts at $9997)

*NOTE: Payment plans are available for all levels, and price may vary for story edits depending on a manuscript's word count. Please apply to schedule a story consultation for an exact quote.*

What's the refund policy?

Once inside the Fast Track, we give you instant access to proprietary information pulled directly from our publishing house and our editing team. To ensure that we only work with authors who are serious about completing the publishing process, participation in the Fast Track is non-refundable.

However, we are committed to your success and satisfaction in our program. If you diligently complete all the required course content, along with all homework assignments, and actively participate in all live Q&A sessions, yet still can't get your book published, you could be eligible for an exclusive publishing contract with our publishing house to publish the book for you. All you have to do is email us for details.

Take the leap, invest in your skills, and bring your children's book to life. Apply for the Kidlit Fast Track today!



The application takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure to fill out all fields so you don't miss your chance to join.

Once approved, you will receive a link to book a free story consultation with our team to see if the Fast Track is a fit for you.

Carin Johnivan - Kidlit Fast Track Testimonial

"I appreciate the insightful, helpful editorial notes, and the time committed to them. My story has morphed into something better! I also appreciate the kindness and support shown along the way. Anyone who would like professional guidance and support as they learn should TRY THIS. It has a been wonderful experience and well worth it."

 –Carin Johnivan