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Looking for Children’s Book Writing Tips?

Here are my top 5 articles on how to write a children’s book:

  1. All You Need to Know to Write a Kid’s Book
  2. Understand What Your Comp Books Are
  3. The Template You Need to Write a Kid’s Book
  4. The Ultimate Guide on Writing Picture Books
  5. Simple Plotting Tips for Your MG or YA Novel

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How to Write a Kid's Book | Tips for Writing Books for Kids

Want Tips on Publishing Your Kid’s Book?

Here are my top 5 articles on how to publish a children’s book:

  1. Everything You Need to Know Before You Publish a Kid’s Book
  2. Should you Self-Publish a Kid’s Book?
  3. The Publishing Process for Children’s Books
  4. Tips for Writing a Good Query Letter
  5. How to Find an Agent for Your Book

But if you’d like to see all my articles about publishing, including interviews with published authors, visit the archives by clicking on the image below. 👇

How to Publish a Kid's Book | Tips for Publishing Children's Books

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If you want to go farther, I also have lots of tips on how to market your children’s book, resources to help you improve your writing, and interviews with published authors to help you grow as a writer.

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Marketing Tips for Kids Books
Author Interviews on Journey to KidLit

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