3 Ways to Host an Online Book Launch

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I launched my picture book, PIRATES STUCK AT “C”, on February 25th of 2020. But halfway through my book launch, I had to cancel my plans and put a stop on everything. Which had me thinking about all the books coming out this month while we’re all on stay-at-home orders.

If you have a book coming out during the COVID-19 era, here are 3 ways you can still celebrate your book launch from your house. Watch the video for my ideas for an online book launch. 👇

How to Host a Book Launch from your Home:

Imagine still being able to celebrate your new kid’s book with all your friends and family. Despite the stay-at-home orders around the country, it’s still possible for us to connect and read our stories. (Thank you Internet! 🙏)

In this short video, I lay out my 3 tips for hosting an online book launch. Including:

1 – Host a LiveStream Book Launch

Just like with traditional book launches where the writer signs copies of their books and do a reading, you can do that online. Host a live video on a social platform like Facebook and offer to sign copies before you bookstore ships them out.

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2 – Do a Blog Tour

Connect with content creators and bloggers 1-2 months before your book comes out and offer to do interviews. Then schedule them to come out during your book launch week and share them everywhere on social media.

3 – Offer Giveaways Built on Social Shares

Giveaways are common practice during book launches, however when you make the entrants work a little bit to win, you can tell more people about your book. Ask people to share your book and tag you in order to win a free signed copy.

There you have it! Three ways you can still host a book launch online even while the country’s stuck at home. Congrats on having a book published! No matter where you are, take time to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. 🙌

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