How to Write a Novel in Verse that Readers Love

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I have always been hesitant to write poetry. Once in college I tried, but my professor told me it “wasn’t working”. So the idea of writing an entire novel in verse seems daunting to me.

But that’s exactly what author, Elizabeth Acevedo, did in her top-selling YA novel The Poet X. Watch the video to learn more about using poetry in your next book!

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It Takes Few Words to Tell a Story.

When I picked up The Poet X, I had no idea what to expect. You can imagine my surprise when I realized each chapter was a poem. (Which was really beneficial for me, since I need to read it in two days before taking it back to the library!)

Although, Elizabeth Acevedo used very few words, each word counted. And it was SOOOO impactful! There were numerous occasions where I teared up because I was so connected to Xiomara and her story.

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Focus on Falling in Love with the Character.

We’ve all heard the terms “plot-driven” or “character-driven” stories. One of the best parts of writing a novel in verse is being able to connect with the characters because you feel their emotions through the word choice.

The best way to do this is to know them on a personal level. You should know EVERYTHING about your protagonist and all the characters they interact with. Create a profile card for each of your characters to get to know them on an intimate level.

If you’re interested in learning more about writing a novel in verse, read The Poet X–you can buy a copy on Amazon here.

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Watch the Video to Learn How to Write a Novel in Verse!

How to Write a Novel in Verse that Readers Love | Writing Tips

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