Learn How to Control Your Pacing Like in Small Spaces

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If you like the thriller genre, you’re going to love our Middle Grade read this week! Small Spaces by Katherine Arden was listed as one of the best new MG novels in 2018 and it’s a perfectly creepy read. Watch the video to learn how to control your pacing and more!

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Small Spaces by Katherine Arden focuses on the main character, Ollie, who steals a book from a lady that was set on destroying it. Immediately, there are all of these questions, like who would destroy a book rather than donate it? And what’s up with these creepy scarecrows and the smiling man?

Katherine Arden’s great use of description, mixed with her ability to keep the reader in suspense, makes this book a page-turner. It’s been a long time since a book has kept me up at night, and Small Spaces had me missing my bedtime until I finished!

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What can you learn from Small Spaces?

By reading Small Spaces, you’ll learn what it takes to write a book with suspense. But you can also learn how to control your pacing for maximum effect, whether you write suspense or not.

Our goal as writers is to keep the readers turning the page, and we do that through our pacing. Learn how to write active scenes and how to keep your tension throughout your entire story.

Pick up your copy of Small Spaces by Katherine Arden here. And take notes on how you can improve your story when you control your pacing.

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