I’m Out Papering the Town!

I’m exhausted. My eyes may be going crossed. 🙈

I have reached the point in my early writing career when I need to find an agent. Sadly, this is NOT as easy as opening the white pages and picking a realtor.

But I sure do wish it was!!

Here’s what needs to happen for me to attract an agent:

Create the list.

The list–Makes me think of the Devil Wears Prada. And about as daunting.

As a writer, when you’re ready to start pitching your novel to agents, it’s suggested to draft a list of 50 agents to start with. Yes, 5-0.

Since, I’m looking to pitch my chapter book series, my list of fifty, quickly dwindled to about 38 after I finished surfing the interwebs and reading up on agents.

And of those 38, some of them are even closed! Meaning, I could really only send to about 25.

HALF of where I started at.

Draft a winning query.

I don’t know about other writers, but the query is the hardest thing for me to write. Most likely because of how close I get to my work, I forget that other people have NO IDEA what’s going on. And it’s my job to sell them.

Easier said than done.

Thankfully, during one of my writer meetings (Seriously, so important to develop a writer’s network), I was able to get my query critiqued.

Fingers crossed, I’m sending something that is remotely intriguing to an agent.

Now we wait………..

All that’s left to do now is WAIT! Ugh.


Patience and waiting are not two of my favorite friends.

Since I won’t know anything for the next 6-8 weeks, I am setting off on a new adventure. Including a couple new picture books and a new early reader series.

This should fill the time and anxiety of waiting on the good news!


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