The Most Important Takeaways from Hey Kiddo

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Hey Kiddo was one of the top graphic novels of 2018 and it covered some heavy topics. From addiction to having an alternative family to coming of age. Jarrett Krosoczka covered it all.

Some people find it easier to write about happy things. But it’s also important to provide books about the hard stuff that kids can relate to. Watch the video to learn more below.

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It’s important to talk about the hard stuff.

In Hey Kiddo, Jarrett Krosoczka shares his real-life story of growing up with a mom, who suffered from addiction, and being raised by his grandparents. Since it’s a graphic novel, there are lots of pictures to help reveal his story to the readers.

This is a heavy topic and a lot of authors would try to avoid it. However, it’s fantastically done! And it’s the perfect outlet to help reach any other kid in a similar situation.

And that’s what your book can do, too! I once had an editor say to treat book writing like a hot stove. Leave your hand on the burner until it hurts.

Meaning, go ahead and write about the stuff that pains you.

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Yet, it’s nice to have a hopeful ending.

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to read the book at first. I had heard that it was dark and I wasn’t sure how it would be revealed.

But along with the hard stuff, Jarrett also told us the good stuff. Which ended up giving the reader a lot of hope that even if you’re in this type of situation, you don’t have to stay there.

If you’re planning on sharing a darker story with your audience, think about how you could also make it hopeful. Endings don’t have to be happy (After all, Prim still dies), but they can inspire your audience.

Pick up your own copy of Hey Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka today. Then begin to think about a story that you want to share. And pay attention to the art! It really helps out the story. 😄

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