Episode 7 – Interview with Host of the Storyland Podcast, Jessica Snider

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Are you an indie author with a new kid’s book? It can be hard sometimes to spread the news about your new story. That’s why Jessica Snider decided to start the Storyland Podcast.

Jessica Snider stopped by the podcast to tell me more about her awesome podcast and what it’s like to work with a podcaster. Listen to the full interview below.

Full Interview with Storyland Podcast Host, Jessica Snider:

My guest on the show is a huge advocate for Indie Authors and Indie Publishing. So much so, she has created a whole podcast dedicated to helping indie authors share their books and reach more readers.

Listen to this week’s edition of the Journey to KidLit podcast as I interview the host of the Storyland Podcast, Jessica Snider, as she shares her insights on all about working with podcasters as an author. And be sure to download the show notes with all the links we talked about today:

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Show Notes for Interview with Jessica Snider of the Storyland Podcast

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