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Need a New Children’s Book Idea? Here’s How to Find it

Do you ever wonder how people come up with endless ideas? While you sit there and NOTHING comes to mind. How can you find a new children’s book idea that doesn’t already exist?

I’ve got you. Here are my little tricks I’ve learned to master the game of brainstorming so I never go without having a list of ideas to pull from.

New Children's Book Idea Finder | Tips to find Story Ideas

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Need a New Children’s Book Idea? Here’s How to Find it:

Inspiration is all around you, if you know where to look. But you will need to be mindful of idea generators, so you aren’t left hanging when you really need a new children’s book idea.

Where can inspiration come from?

The easy answer is everywhere. But here are some places to start your journey:

  • At home
  • With your kids/family
  • In line at the store
  • At work
  • Outside in nature
  • A funny thing someone said
  • A funny thing someone did
  • An image you found online

And the list can go on. Story ideas don’t have to come to you in a complete package. Sometimes a small image or sentence can form into a full children’s book idea after it sits in your brain for a few weeks or months.

Download the free children's book template

What should you do with your snippets?

All of your children’s book ideas should be kept in one place. For me, that’s a journal I keep in my office. However, when I’m on the go and think of an idea, I write them down in my phone. Then, I come home and add them to my journal.

Here are some beautiful journals that you could get to store your ideas:

You can put words in your journal or even little sketches. There are no rules. It’s whatever will work best for your creative juices.

Also–don’t filter yourself. Just because something doesn’t sound good, doesn’t mean it can’t blossom into a good children’s book idea later.

How can you get started?

Maybe you have a character that you love or a sentence you want to start with, but it isn’t enough to make a complete story. That’s ok! There’s one trick I like to use to get my brain thinking:

Ask yourself “What if…”

This is a powerful question that will get your creativity going. And it’s one of the fun parts of children’s book. Literally, ANYTHING can happen because kids have such great imaginations. Use that to your benefit.

Can you try a new POV?

One of the tricks I learned when reading a book about writing picture books (Check out my list of favorite writing books here) is to write your idea from different Points of View.

It’s a pretty fun activity, especially if your story isn’t quite working and you don’t know why. Normally people write in 3rd person, but try a 1st or 2nd POV to switch up your writing and stretch your brain.

Download the free children's book template

Use your list as a refresh.

Sometimes we get stale in our writing or don’t feel like anything we write is any good. That’s when it’s important to come back to your journal and thumb through your ideas.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can spark your imagination. And you’ll be glad that you have this reserve of information for the times when you are struggling to come up with a fresh idea.

Not everything we write will be good, and not every children’s book idea will sell. However, it’s ALWAYS good to stretch our brains and work our creativity. That’s the only way to come up with new story ideas that will sell.

Be sure to keep a journal to jot down ideas or funny snippets from your day, then reference your bullets when you’re looking for a new idea. And use that list to refresh your brain and get creative.

Download the free children's book template

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