Kid’s Book Starter Course Workbook


Signed up for the free 5-day kid’s book starter course? Go deeper and get the workbook here. Includes all the worksheets you need to go from children’s book idea to outline in less than a week. Learn more here.



The 5-Day Kid’s Book Starter Course Workbook

Take your children’s book idea from a dream to a tangible outline you can actually do something with! It’s time to stop thinking about writing your kid’s book and actually take the steps to make it happen.

In the 5-Day Kid’s Book Starter Course, we discuss the initial steps you need to take to go from children’s book idea to complete outline that you’re ready to start writing. This workbook is designed to pair perfectly with the course to help you put the exercises we talk about directly to use.

The Kid’s Book Starter Course Workbook includes:

  • Children’s Book Idea List – To keep track of all your children’s book ideas and to leave room to make notes as you research your idea. (You want to make sure your idea is viable before you ever start writing about it!)
  • 3-Page Character Card – If you don’t know who your character is, you can’t write about them. This will not only get you introduced to them, but will know them on an intimate level.
  • Plot Building Exercise – Once you know who your story’s about, you need to write what happens. This will help you take all your thoughts and put them on paper to outline the story of your dreams.
  • Undated Editorial Calendar – It’s not enough to say you’re going to start. You have to hold yourself accountable. And this calendar will help you do that!

And if you haven’t signed up already, register for the 5-Day Kid’s Book Starter Course for free here.

See you in the course!


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