The Ultimate Writer’s Binder


Imagine having one place to store all your ideas and notes about your current children’s book. The Ultimate Writer’s Binder keeps all your writing organized so all you have to focus on is what you want to WRITE!



The Ultimate Writer’s Binder:

Imagine if you had one place where you kept all your children’s book ideas and notes about the story you’re working on. How much more productive would your writing time be?

Introducing the Ultimate Writer’s Binder. The product you need to hold all your thoughts so the only thing you have to think about is what you want to write about next.

Here’s what all is included in your binder:

  • Children’s Book Idea List – To write down every idea as it pops in your head to either write about tomorrow or next year. Whenever you need them, the list will be there.
  • Undated Editorial Calendar – Make the month work for you. Keep track of social media posts, what you want to write about when, times you want to submit, and any other important date.
  • New Idea Outline – Always have a plan about the book you’re writing BEFORE you ever write your first line. This will help you brainstorm all the important parts of your book.
  • Chapter Breakdown/Scene Card – Every chapter needs a purpose and a plan. This scene card allows you to go deeper with your chapter idea — why you need it, how it moves the plot along, and why it matters to your character.
  • 3-Page Character Card – Your character is more than a name. They need to be a whole human with thoughts, passions, likes, and dislikes. Use this card to help you build that.
  • Submission Tracker – When your book is ready, it’s time to publish it. Keep track of everyone you send to so you don’t make the rookie mistake of sending to the same agency or agent in the same time period!

The worksheets can be printed as much as you need and arranged in any order to make your writing binder work for YOU! Make this the year you get to hold your children’s book. Do it with the focus only the Writer’s binder can give you.


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