Resources for Children’s Book Writers

Resources for Children's Book Authors

Ready to take your writing to the next level?

Let’s make this the year you finally finish your children’s book!

It can take you YEARS and hours and hours to learn everything you need to know about children’s book writing. (I know. After all, that how long it took me.) Which is why I don’t want that to be the case for you.

Instead, I’ve compiled resources to help you learn faster, understand things easier, and ultimately, get published sooner.

Check out all the resources below! 👇

For New Writers Getting Ready to Start Writing Their First Book:

The Journey to Kidlit Writer's Starter Kit

The KidLit Writer’s Starter Kit

Everything you need to know in order to write a children’s book!

Get worksheets and tools to help you write anything from a picture book to a MG/YA novel.

For Writers Seeking Traditional Publishing:

The Journey to Kidlit Writer's Starter Kit

The Kidlit Writer On-Submission Toolkit

Learn how to pitch to traditional publishers the right way so you can help avoid rejection letters.

Get resources to help you build your submission plus 100 publishers to submit to right away!

For Writers Choosing to Self-Publish:

The Kidlit Self Publisher's Starter Pack | Journey to Kidlit

The KidLit Self-Publisher’s Starter Pack

Self-publishing can be an overwhelming process if you’re trying to learn everything on your own. Which is why I created the starter pack, so you don’t have to.

Get the resources you need plus a schedule to follow in order to self-publish your first children’s book!

For Writers Ready to Start Marketing Their First Children’s Book:

The Kidlit Marketing Launch Kit | Journey to Kidlit

The Kidlit Marketing Launch Kit

Ready to start selling your first children’s book? Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the word marketing or accidentally forget to do something important.

Instead, get the step-by-step instructions plus resources to help walk you through your first book launch!