How to Sell a Quiet Picture Book like Elmore

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Most of the time, as writers, we’re trying to come up with the next big idea. But what about an idea that’s sweet and might not make a splash? Is it possible to sell a quiet picture book?

That’s exactly what Holly Hobbie managed to do with her top-selling picture book, Elmore. Watch the video to learn more about the porcupine who’s looking for a friend.

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What is a Quiet Picture Book?

Quiet picture books are generally stories that have a sweet message, but won’t make a big splash in the commercial market. For instance, you wouldn’t expect a somber tale of a porcupine making a friend to generate as much interest as dragons that eat tacos.

However, that’s exactly what Holly Hobbie did with her book, Elmore.

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You don’t need a happy ending. Just hopeful.

Because this is a friendship story, you would expect Holly Hobbie’s main character to make at least one friend by the end of the book. However, that is not exactly how it turned out for Elmore.

Instead of using an expected happy ending, Hobbie decided to go with perhaps a more realistic ending for a porcupine wanting a friend. Which teaches all of us that we don’t need a happy ending, so long as we have a hopeful one.

Stretch yourself to think outside of the box. How can you twist your ending to make it unpredictable compared with all the other stories you read? Your goal is to create the unexpected with a twist. Give it a try today!

If you think your story might be a quiet picture book, then you should read Elmore by Holly Hobbie–you can pick up a copy on Amazon here. They may be a hard sell initially, but quiet stories can sometimes make the biggest impact in a child’s life.

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