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  • Character Profile Card

    Character Profile Card


    How well do you really know your character? If you don’t know them as well as you know yourself, then you need the character profile card. Answer the questions on the card based on your character to ensure you’ve created a 3-dimensional person who’s worthy of a reader’s time.

  • Hero's Journey Plot Exercise

    Hero’s Journey Plot Building Exercise


    Did you know there’s an easy way to outline your plot? It’s known as the Hero’s Journey, and it’s the most universal plot outline to use to tell a story. Designed to help chapter book writers and novelists, this plot exercise makes you think critically about your character’s journey from the beginning of the book to the end.

  • Initial Story Idea Outline

    Initial Story Idea Outline


    Ready to dive into your new story idea? Grab the Initial Story Idea Outline worksheet and get started. The outline is designed to be universal for any age category — spanning from picture books to young adults.

  • Introduction to the Children’s Book Market Guide


    Have an idea for a children’s book but not sure what to do with it? In this guide, you’ll better understand the markets and audiences you’re writing for as a children’s book writer. This will help you know where to take your idea in order to have a finished story that’s ready for today’s market.

  • Guide to Illustrations in Children's Books

    Kidlit Guide to Illustrations in Children’s Books


    When do the illustrations come in and when do you need an illustrator? That’s what we look at in this complete guide to illustrations in children’s books. Before you move forward with hiring an illustrator or submitting images to a publisher, download this guide.

  • Kidlit Idea Decoder

    Kidlit Idea Decoder


    Have you ever come up with an idea only to find out later that it already exists? Never let that happen again! With the Kidlit Idea Decoder, you’ll always know if your children’s book idea is viable and worthy of turning into a story.

  • Kidlit Marketing Launch Kit

    Kidlit Marketing Launch Kit


    Are you getting ready to publish your children’s book? Before your book comes out, you need a marketing plan. Use the Kidlit Marketing Launch Kit to help you plan your upcoming launch and know easy ways to market your book when it finally hits shelves.

  • Kidlit Publishing Toolkit

    Kidlit Publishing Toolkit


    Learn how to publish your children’s book this year. The Kidlit Publishing Toolkit walks you step-by-step through your three publishing options to help you make the best decision for your story!

  • Kidlit Writer's Starter Kit

    Kidlit Writer’s Starter Kit


    Ready to write your first children’s book? Learn the step-by-step process you need to get started with the Kidlit Writer’s Starter Kit. The perfect guide to make the writing process easier for new writers!

  • 100 Publishers List

    List of 100 Children’s Book Publishers


    Publishers accept one of 2 kinds of manuscripts: solicited or unsolicited. Unsolicited means a story from someone without an agent. Use this list of 100 different children’s book publishers open to unagented authors to help you get started.

  • Manuscript Submission Checklist

    Manuscript Submission Checklist


    How do you know if your story’s ready to send? A question you no longer have to ask with the manuscript submission checklist. Plus, you can use the answers from the checklist to help you create your query letter. (A little bonus just for doing the work.)

  • Kidlit More Productive Planner

    More Productive Planner


    You want to write a children’s book, but you can’t seem to find time in your busy schedule, right? Not anymore . . . Get the undated planner to help you get your writing time on track.

  • Picture Book Page Layout

    Picture Book Page Layout


    Is your picture book ready for an illustrator? Before you send it their way, make sure to “paginate” or lay out the text to see how it fits in the 32-page picture book template. Then update your manuscript to align with your layout before you hit send.

  • Picture Book Perfection

    Picture Book Perfection


    Want to write your first picture book? Learn the step-by-step process you need to get started with Picture Book Perfection from award-winning picture book author, Brooke Van Sickle. The perfect guide to make the picture book writing process easier for new writers!

  • Query Letter Template

    Query Letter Template


    In order to send your story to an agent or publisher, you first must send them a query letter. But what does that look like? This query letter template outlines the 5 major components every query needs to include, while helping you stick to that strict 300-word maximum.

  • Twitter Pitch Party Pack

    Twitter Pitch Party Pack


    Did you know you can get a publishing contract with Twitter. In the Twitter Pitch Party Pack, you’ll learn how to use the social media platform to help you start your writing career and get your story idea in front of agents and editors.