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Make sure your children's book is something kids want to read.

Hooray! You officially have a story typed. But how do you know if it's any good?

Before you click send to any publishers, agents, or readers, make sure you've had it reviewed by the professionals to ensure you've created the best story possible.



You know the moment -- you type the last period on your story and sigh. Finally. It's finished!!

But is it really? How do you know?

Before you hit send and get caught in the land of rejections, or receive no response, make sure that what you're sending is actually ready to be published. Because as hard as waiting for a publishing contract is, getting nothing but rejection letters is worse.


Brooke has guided me to what she calls 'the actual story that wants to be written'. She helps me get out of my own way with word choice, formality, structure, and content. I would highly recommend Brooke. She is approachable with her demeanor and knowledgeable on how to help an individual unfold and tailor their story.

— Erin Mariah Murphy, published picture book author

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I'm Brooke Van Sickle. An award-winning children's book author, publisher, & writing coach, but most of all -- a lover of children's books.

It's my job to read A LOT of stories and what I've learned over the years is that there are a lot more terrible books being written than good. (Some of them my own!)

But the thing is, all writing can be improved. That's why we have editing. Which is why I want to help you. Send me your story and I'll tell you whether it's worthy of a reader's time.

Brooke Van Sickle - Journey to Kidlit

Get your story reviewed by an award-winning writer:

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Get your story reviewed by an award-winning writer:

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One Story. Three Ways to Edit It.

1 - Developmental Edit**

Starts at $1,500

A deep dive into your story. You'll receive a complete analysis of:

  • Your cast of characters (including who might need to be axed)
  • Your plot (If there even is one.)
  • Your voice/format/sentence structure (Is it intended for the right reader or are you missing the mark?)
  • Overall, level of readability & enjoyment (To know if you'll even be able to market & sell this book if you tried.)

2 - Revise & Resubmit*

Starts at $2,500

A developmental edit + a second chance at redemption. This option includes:

  • A complete developmental edit with editorial letter
  • PLUS, the ability to resubmit your new changes to see if the notes worked
  • Get a full line analysis of your sentences, too, to make sure all your words count. Not just that they've been counted.
  • Plus, send along a query letter to make sure your pitch is just as good as your story.

3 - Complete Overhaul*

Starts at $3,500

Want to go all in with your story? Get the complete editing experience using our 5-round process. Includes:

  • Our team of editors reviewing your story
  • Complete Plot Analysis + Developmental Edit with Editorial Letter
  • Line Edits and Copyedits to make sure it's squeaky clean and in the best shape to be published.
  • Includes 5 rounds of edits & rewrites with our experienced editorial team!

*Denotes picture book & early chapter book options only.

**Developmental edits for novels & longer word count stories will need to be quoted for cost.

This has been such a FUN and exciting experience full of positivity all around! I loved the honest, open feedback I received and the collaborative atmosphere that helped me make this the best book it can be. Brooke was so approachable and knowledgeable, it made the experience so much better!

— Katie Purcell, published picture book author

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Children's Book Editor | Editing Services for Children's Books

Curious what it's like to have your story edited? Listen to this.



“I love how I have been able to bring my story to life and how my input and rewrites - under Brooke's tutelage - have made my story better. Of course, Brooke and the team are stellar editors and creatives so I really feel good about the book that we created together!” 

Shelby Curry

“Seeing my story evolve has been my favorite part about working with Brooke. I had no experience before I came to her but her involvement with my story has been so incredible! I could not have done it without her. Thank you so much for helping me!”

Elizabethann Moore



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Make sure the story you plan to give them is actually worth their wait.

Children's Book Editor | Editing Services for Children's Books

Answers to Your Questions:

Do I need to copyright my story before I send it?

No. While we're editors and not legal counsel, we advise not copyrighting a story until you have a final product that's ready to publish. If you're concerned about someone trying to take your idea, don't be. We have an agreement to not share your story outside our team without your consent.

Am I able to receive feedback after I've made the changes you've suggested?

Yes. If you've selected an R&R - Revise & Resubmit option - with us, then you're able to resubmit your story after you've received your first round of notes. If you haven't selected that option or higher, you will need to contact us to see if a resubmit option is available to you.

How soon will I receive my edits?

Once you've been approved to send your story to us for review, you will receive developmental edits within 1 month of receiving your story. If you're working with us on a complete editing package, you will receive an estimated timeline for delivery of the final draft after your initial plotting call.

How much does it cost for an edit?

Editing price ranges by cost and the option you've selected, as well as, your story type. For longer works, like chapter books and novels, we will need to send you a quote for the cost. However, most of our projects range between $1500-$3500 split into 2 separate payments.

We thought every word was perfect in our book, but Brooke was super helpful in cutting it while still keeping the integrity of what we thought needed to happen in our book without leaving words, thoughts, or concepts out. That was really important to us. She really helped us edit and nail it, so that it’s really tight but tells the exact story we needed to tell. I loved that.

— Dina Rock, published picture book author

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