Taking a Trip for Inspiration!

Bon Voyage!

I’m an impulse shopper. Including, when it comes to big ticket items, like international airfare.

Which is why we’ve decided to board a plane for Paris for an extended week. And it couldn’t be better timing. 

I’m in need of a change of pace and some different scenery.

Sometimes it pays to get away.

With all the submissions of late, it has felt like my writing hit a brick a wall. I KNOW that it takes weeks, even months, to hear any news back–if I hear any news at all.

Still, the fact that I don’t have people busting down my doors raving about my writing, really damages my creative brain. No matter how unrealistic that seems.

I think it happens with a lot of creative people. The moment we put ourselves out there a wave of self-doubt washes over us. And it can be crippling.

But when your creativity pays the bills, that could be deadly. So the best way to get back to creating is to clear your mind the best you know how.

And for me that means a 10-day vacay to Paris.

New sites can create new stories.

All stories are derived from experiences, even if that’s watching TV or reading a magazine. Anything you can come into contact with throughout the day, can be later turned into a story.

Including the gossip you overheard waiting at the doctors.

So I’m pumped to get out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in a new culture. Especially one that isn’t my native language. 😍

This trip will hopefully be the cure for my self-doubt and I’ll come back with all sorts of new ideas! I apologize that I will be MIA for a week, but I will return and let you know how it goes.

Á bientôt!

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