The Basics to Writing Dialogue in Picture Books

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Have you thought about adding dialogue to your picture book manuscript? Some writers skip it, while others only tell a story with dialogue. Is there a trick to writing dialogue in your picture book?

Today, I’m looking at how to use dialogue in picture books using Dorothia Rohner’s book, I AM GOOSE. Learn the 2 rules you need to use when writing in the short video below.

How to Use Dialogue in Picture Books featuring I AM GOOSE:

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There are two things all dialogue must do in a picture book: 1 – move the story along and 2 – reveal each character’s unique personality. Today I’m looking at a picture book told with 100% dialogue to learn how to do that well.

Watch this short video book review of I AM GOOSE by Dorothia Rohner to learn how you can incorporate dialogue in your own picture book manuscript today! And for more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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