The Wall in the Middle of the Book Review

Fear can be a paralyzing thing sometimes. It can keep us from chasing our dreams and prevent us from experiencing new things. Which is why it can be tempting to erect a wall in the middle of the book to keep yourself safe.

However, Jon Agee makes his characters, and us, confront fear head-on in his latest top-selling picture book, the Wall in the Middle of the Book. Watch the video to learn more about this great picture book!

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Fear can come in all shapes and sizes.

Jon Agee’s knight is so concerned with keeping the dangers from the other side away from his side of the book, he completely misses trouble that’s lurking below. But that’s okay.

Without those troubles, our main character wouldn’t have been thrust to the other side and been forced to face his fear of what lurks over the wall. Thank goodness too, otherwise, this knight could have lived his WHOLE life without knowing the joys the other side of the wall could bring him.

Sometimes it takes a Children’s Book to shine a light on Adult Problems.

Our heroin knight teaches us all not to make assumptions or judgements about things until we’ve experienced them ourselves. Which is a HUGE lesson to learn in today’s divisive world–where it seems like we can never agree on anything.

But that’s something to consider for your own story: sometimes a big problem in the world is easier to explain to children.

Think about something you’re trying to teach and see if you can come up with a fun, illustrative way to convey that message without being didactic. Something a child will want to read and read again.

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Pick up your own copy of The Wall in the Middle of the Book by Jon Agee to learn more about how to tell a politically relevant picture book. (You can get a copy here.) And think about your own creative way you can spin a message that tugs at your heartstrings you’ve been wanting to write a book about.

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The Wall in the Middle of the Book Review | Top Selling Picture Book 2018

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