The Best Way to use Adjectives in a Picture Book

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Picture book author, Jory John, is known for his funny books that tell an interesting lesson. Like the Bad Seed, the Good Egg, and Giraffe Problems. And he uses adjectives in each picture book to tell the story.

Watch the video today to learn more about how you can use adjectives in a picture book to amplify your writing and attract readers.

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Use the Rule of 3 or 7 to Your Advantage.

One thing that Jory John does well in his book, Giraffe Problems, is list lots and lots of adjectives to describe the giraffe. This makes it fun for both the reader and the listener to hear.

See if you can use 3 or 7 different adjectives to describe things in your picture book. By adding these extra descriptions, you will increase the enjoyment level of reading!

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Create Characters that Readers Love.

Another thing that Jory John does well in Giraffe Problems is create strong characters. After all, how many giraffes do you know that have short necks? I know zero. It’s just something they have to deal with. 😉

You can create your own loveable characters, too! Read the article about how to create characters kids love here.

Learn more about Jory John’s fun characters in Giraffe Problems yourself. Purchase your copy on Amazon here. And brainstorm your own list of adjectives in a picture book that you can use.

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The Best Way to use Adjectives in a Picture Book!

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