The #1 Thing all Authors Need to Sell More Books

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What is the one thing that almost 3 billion people own and over half check first thing in the morning? It’s the #1 thing that’s going to help you sell more books.

With all the changes to social media algorithms, it’s getting harder and harder to connect with our readers online. Unless we want to spend hundreds of dollars advertising on those platforms.

So how do we connect with readers, especially when we have a new book coming out? The answer: through your email list.

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The #1 Thing all Authors Need to Sell More Books:

What is an email list?

A list of people interested in your writing and books that you control is an email list. You collect these emails through opt-ins on your site and social media.

The best part of having an email list over subscribers on a social media platform is that you own your list. No one can take them from you and you won’t be affected if Facebook goes through an algorithm change.

It’s all yours. 😍 Which is SUPER important in this competitive market if you want to sell more books.

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What do you need to create an email list?

In order for you to utilize this powerful tool, you first need to set up an account with an email provider. There are many different options (I’ve personally used 3 different ones), but my favorite is Mailerlite.

It’s super easy to sign up! First, you put in your name and email and then select your plan. Mailerlite allows you to have 1,000 subscribers before you have to pay, which is AWESOME! Others I’ve used, charge after 100.

Pro-Tip: Purchase your author website URL BEFORE you create an email list so you can use your site’s email, rather than your personal email address. Read this to learn more about author websites.

How do you start collecting emails?

There are two ways you can collect emails: through your website or social media accounts. How you do that depends on your email service provider.

If you’re using Mailerlite, they have a super sweet option to make a landing page. This is a way to collect emails WITHOUT having a website yet. A great option if you just want to gather potential readers before you invest in a website.

However, if you have a website, you’ll want to create pop-ups or hello bars on your site. My favorite provider is Hello Bar, because it’s super easy to use and you have more options than Sumome for templates you can use.

How do you entice readers to opt-in?

As people we LOVE to know what’s in it for us. The same’s true for you and the same’s true for me. It’s human nature.

This means that you have to GIVE something to your readers to get them to want to sign up. Some effective opt-in ideas you could use to encourage sign-ups are:

  • The first chapter of your book
  • Coloring pages based on your theme
  • A coupon code to use to buy your book
  • A checklist or guide that connects to your book
  • Anything free and easy to make

Think about what you can offer your readers and collaborate with your illustrator. The illustrator wants to sell the book as much as you do, so it doesn’t hurt to ask them to help you create something visual for your readers!

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What do you do once you have subscribers?

Once you have sign-ups, you have to follow through and EMAIL them! It’s vital to keep your list healthy.

Before you collect subscribers, decide how often you want to email people and topics you will provide. Then create a welcome email to automatically send to them after they’ve opted-in to your freebie. The welcome email will introduce yourself to them and let them know what to expect.

Then be sure to send email updates as your book progresses, and especially, once it’s come out. If they buy a book, you should also use this opportunity to ask for reviews. And don’t worry, the more you do it, the easier it is!

Having an email list is the #1 way to sell more books. It ensures you have engaged readers, who love to support you and can’t wait to read more from you! Set up your email provider with Mailerlite today, and build your list!

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