Top Advice: Don’t Tell Anyone Your Big Story Idea!

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I recently received some life-changing advice over my writing. A few published authors told me that I shouldn’t share my big story idea with ANYONE. At first, I was defiant but then I realized that they had a point.

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If you share, you could lose all motivation.

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie, but someone spoiled it for you by telling you the ending? Whenever that happens to me, I almost never watch the movie. There’s nothing to look forward to!

The same happens when we tell someone our big story idea. We’re less likely to want to return to our computers to write it. Because people already know!

Your story idea could become tainted.

Sometimes I get so antsy to share a story with my critique girls that I bring them freshly typed words! Which is always a recipe for a rewrite. I didn’t give the manuscript enough time to simmer to see if there were any glaring issues that I would need to change.

When you do this with a new story, sometimes it can alter the direction or cause you to have all sorts of doubts over the quality. But if you wait to show people until after you’ve spent some quality time with your story, it’s less likely to have major issues.

(Here’s how to find good story ideas and how to know if you have a bad one!)

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I know how important it is to get feedback from other writers, but make sure you’re not sharing your story idea too early. Take time to get to know your characters and live in your world for a while before showing your words to anyone!

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Big Story Idea Tip, Keep Your Lips Zipped!

Don't tell anyone your big story idea | Writing tips for authors

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