Author Confessional: You Need to Write Your Book!

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Sometimes, as writers, we get nervous to start our books. We worry about what people will think and that keeps us from writing. Or we let other things take priority and never sit down to write our book.

That’s what we’re tackling today in the Vlog. Don’t worry about what happens next. Just commit to write your book! Watch it below.

In August, I decided to commit to this writing business full-time. I quit my full-time job, left the security of a paycheck, to explore this crazy, unpredictable world of publishing.

And although I’m not published yet, it has been COMPLETELY worth it!

You need to follow your dreams.

There are so many things in life that keep us from pursuing our dreams: fear of failure, worry over what others will think, anxiety over the unknown, etc. But we can’t let that stop us.

We HAVE to write the book that’s inside us.

Get the free children's book template here

Your book deserves a place on a child’s shelf.

If you know anything about me, you know that I believe everyone’s book deserves a place on a child’s bookshelf–especially if you write it well enough. And that’s why I started Journey to KidLit.

To help other aspiring authors, like you and me, learn how to get published so we can share our stories with others.

But it can’t happen if YOU don’t write your book!

The only way someone can actually read your book is if you write it. This means it’s time to get serious and just do it. Write your book already.

And if you don’t know where to start, check out these articles to help you:

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You just need to write your book | Tips to encourage you to write

You Just Need to Write Your Book!


  1. I would love anymore information on getting started!:))) I am a major writer! I love kids and I love writing!!:)))) Thank you so much!! Kimberly Conquest Jackson

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